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  • Social Distancing And The Corona Virus Covid-19Social Distancing And The Corona Virus Covid-19
    What Is Social Distancing? As the lethal Corona virus COVID-19 spreads world-wide ,national health authorities are struggling to take control of what the Word Health Organization (WHO) has formally declared a pandemic. But one approach health specialists are suggesting would be to limit one’s hazard of exposure, spreading the virus, that the CDC says is transmitted through droplets from […]
  • Wear Your Cause: Political T-Shirts Are in Fashion Ahead of the MidtermsWear Your Cause: Political T-Shirts Are in Fashion Ahead of the Midterms
    Wear your cause. Katy Perry Kisha Bari When Rebecca Lee Funk was alongside Amy Schumer protesting Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation, alongside her was a she was wearing a T-shirt that read,“We All Came from a Woman.” The shirt is part of Funk’s label The Outrage , which she started in October of 2016. “I thought we’d be a celebratory brand for the first female […]
  • Fashion IS Political, PeriodFashion IS Political, Period
    Artwork by Milo Matthieu We all know politics is about power and as feminist theory famously posits, the personal is political. While our clothing reflects who we are, in many ways it can also determine our ability to gain entry into influential spaces. Yet when women express an interest in fashion, it is often weaponized as a means of denying us access to political conversations—as if these […]
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